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Overseas recruiting Agency in Bangladesh

Looking for overseas recruiting services? Our consultants specialize in finding top talent worldwide. Let us help you build a global team.

Munshi Can be the right work for you and it comes a benefit When considering working abroad, it’s important to focus on the numerous benefits and opportunities it presents. This includes highlighting the enriching cultural experiences and the potential for significant professional growth that await prospective recruits.

Industries We Serve

Government offices

Commercial space

Garments, Factories

Overseas clients

Multinational & local clients

Educational Institutes


Shopping malls.

What We Offer

Industries Serve

Industries Serve

Countries We Mobilize

Why Outsource

The top two reasons for outsourcing are the benefits of cost and time efficiencies. These are mainly the
opportunity costs of business owners and managers who lose time and money focusing of facility management
tasks when these resources can be used on what must be done to grow the business.
Thus, the time and money devoted to cleaning management is better spent by outsourcing facility services so that
businesses can be devoted to core business functions. Other reasons include improved compliance, a wider range
of offered services and more experience in Facility Management.


To become the global destination of nations
seeking human capital for powering their growth,
transformation, and sustainability



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