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Munshi Enterprise Limited

Munshi Enterprise Limited

About US

Munshi Enterprise Limited is one of the leading government approved overseas recruiting agencies in Bangladesh that specializes in providing both skilled and unskilled workers from Bangladesh to all over the world. Munshi Enterprise Limited is a government approved overseas recruiting agency, successfully mobilizing people since 2007 to KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Libya, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, Poland, Gibraltar, Albania, Germany. At present the world is becoming globalized, there is no way but to maximize the use of international manpower resources. At Munshi Enterprise Limited, we understand your urge to grow and we seek to provide the most efficient and economical human resources for your organization. With local experts we can provide the global solutions you need, your ideas are about to be translated into reality.

Our Mission

To deliver superior human resource solutions that:

partners will value us as their extension and recommend to others, supplier will aspire to build long-term relationship, and employees will feel engaged and empowered.

Our Vision

We are the global destination of nations seeking human capital for powering their growth, transformation and sustainability


Ayurvedia Pharmacy (Dacca) Ltd. started its journey in 1912 with a range of Ayuervedic or herbal medicines. Gradually in the 1980s it was apparent that the introduction of food and cosmetics items were imperative to cater to the emerging needs of our consumers.

MBM-Munshi Bangladesh Limited offers customers a complete solution in Facility Management. We provide efficient and skilled janitors with the best equipment, as well as high quality chemicals to undertake any cleaning, pest control, gardening, and support services at any time. Our team is trained to use appropriate chemicals in their correct proportions to limit wastage and thus reduce cost.

Munshi HR Solutions Ltd is the most entrusted HR Management service organization for providing Recruitment, Foreign Secondment, Payroll, Manpower Outsourcing, & Training & Skill Development. We offer our clients effective, efficient and elaborate human resource management

Nur Majid Ayurvedic College is one of the best & renowned Ayurvedic Colleges in Bangladesh founded in 1980 by former minister A.F.M. Fakhrul Islam Munshi. So, if you consider to obtain Government recognized practice registration to practice as an Ayurvedic physician or work as a researcher, you will need to study through a recognized college & obtain the recognized qualification. Nur Majid Ayurvedic College strongly encourages all prospective students to enroll for the glorious & prestigious life by serving the ailing humanity of the country through the ayurvedic system of medicine.

Haji Ahmad Brothers Securities Limited, one of the founder members of the Dhaka Stock Exchange have been established in 1956. Haji Ahmad Brothers Securities Limited is also one of the first full- service brokerage companies in Bangladesh.In addition to our expertise and achievements, we take pride in our strong commitment toward the development of Bangladesh’s capital markets. With an experienced team of professional traders, we offer the best trade execution to our clients.

Since the inception,Munshi IT has been providing quality IT Solutions to the organiations & solving their problems of aligning IT with business directions.We offer software solutions, Development & Deployment service, Technology outsourcing services.

Nina Munshi Foundation is a voluntary, non-profitable, non-political, non-government & charitable organization mainly focusing in different humanitarian services.


Our Clients


A.F.M. Fakhrul Islam Munshi
Group Chairman, MUNSHI

A.F.M. Fakhrul Islam Munshi is a self-made personality. He completed his studies in economics from the University of Dhaka. During his time at Dhaka University he participated actively in student politics. He was one of the ten student leaders during the mass movement of 1969. Later he entered business. One of his successful business ventures is AP (Ayurvedic Pharmacy) which is a household name in Bangladesh. He reentered the local politics in 1985 to be elected as a Member of Parliament from Debidar (Comilla) and then the Deputy Minister of Finance of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. He is a member of advisory council of Bangladesh Awami League since 1997. He is also the Chairman, Relief and Social Welfare Central sub- committee and member of election management committee of Bangladesh Awami League. He has been active with organizations and Trade Bodies of various industrial sectors. He is the president of Bangladesh Agro Processor's Association (BAPA), Chairman of Industry Skills Council, Agro Processing Sector, Chairman ADB-BAPA-SEIP project and President BAPA-SHAMERTO project of EU. He has an in depth knowledge of Bangladesh Agro Sector, Textile Sector, Honey Sector and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine Sector.


Raquib Mohammad Fakhrul (Rocky)
Managing Director, MUNSHI

At Munshi Enterprise Limited, we work on the philosophy that both clients and job seekers are an equal and integral part of our company and that the only way forward is to grow together. We are constantly searching to place the right people in the right positions, finding new opportunities by working closely with our affilates. We believe that our professional approach, recruitment criteria, and hard work all contribute in making us one of the leading recruitment agencies in our country. This helps our clients to have the confidence in us and to trust that we will deliver despite the various constraints and challenges.


Our Clients


Munshi Training Academy was established for the Skills development of human resources and offers a wide range of training services to prospective candidates for overseas and local employment, along with different language courses. The center is to ensure the candidates are aware of the job requirements with basic and advanced skills necessary for successful employment at home and abroad. After successful completion of the candidates training, they are provided withthe certificates. Munshi Training Academy is approved by Bangladesh Technical Education Board – BTEB.


  • Helps employees upgrade their skills and increase their knowledge

  • Helps to address the weakness and improve productivity level